How to Fix Windows Slow Startup

Many of us have noticed the "Windows Slow Startup" phenomenon. It just seems that the computer gets slower as time goes by, and the time it takes to start the computer becomes longer and longer. The usual advice for this is to upgrade the computer, but this can be fixed without a hardware upgrade.

All Windows computers slow down over time because of the Windows registry. The Windows registry is a system database that can grow into a huge size. It is where Windows and many applications store information, and more often than not, information that is stored there is not removed when they become obsolete or unneeded. This means that the registry bloats up in size and errors appear in it. This drags down the performance of Windows as a whole.

In order to fix the registry, there are 2 ways. The first way is to use a tool that is included with Windows, called "regedit". The usage of this tool requires in-depth technical knowledge, however, and any mistakes may lead to data corruption or Windows crashes.

The second method is preferred over the first. You can use a good registry cleaner software to automate this task. Because the registry can get really large in size, it is very convenient to use a registry cleaner to scan the entire registry automatically in search of errors, invalid entries and problematic areas, and then fix these for you. This results in an optimized system and Windows will start much faster. If you do this periodically, the performance boost can be maintained.

There are many such software available, but it can be risky to randomly choose one and use it. A badly written tool like this may introduce more problems instead, such as by removing perfectly valid and crucial data in the registry. Therefore it is important to use a good one to perform the job.

A good registry cleaner will help keep your Windows system in good shape and performing optimally. If you are unsure which registry cleaner to use, you can take a look at these reviews of registry cleaners.

Importance of Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

When it comes to computing and the internet it often feels like you need a degree to understand the language never mind get involved. However, once you grasp the basics of the words and terms used, things begin to fall into place.

In this respect, it is human nature that, when you create your own website, you get a little more confident, you want to make it just that little bit more attractive, flashy and inviting. Providing that is, you have not already lost interest and more often than not, your temper, abandoning all hope!

Most websites on the internet today contain several pages where you click on a certain place it automatically takes you to a different part of that page, a different page within the same website or a completely different website.

Hyperlinks and bookmarks are the words that you click on to take you elsewhere. As the website creator you have to create these before uploading your webpage onto the internet.

Once you have established the main content for your main webpage and subsequent pages, each one needs to be linked to all others. This is when you use hyperlinks. If you have a very long webpage and have titles for each section, you can use a bookmark to give your visitor an easier option to move directly to different sections by inserting this bookmark at specific titles which, when clicked, takes them instantly to that point.

When creating hyperlinks or bookmarks you need to type or select the appropriate text, tell the web publishing program what you want to make it into by clicking on hyperlink or bookmark. This brings up a menu asking what you want to link to whether it is a page or another word or section.

Hyperlinks can be one word or a few, frequently displayed as blue text and a blue underline which turns purple when you use them but return to the same place. Hyperlinks which are purple show you have already used them.

Bookmarks are certain areas of a page, normally a word or a few words where you click to take you to a different part of the same page, such as to a different subject or topic, saving you from physically moving down the page to find this information.

A combination of both hyperlinks and bookmarks will improve the appearance and performance of your website, promoting an up to date and sophisticated image to your visitors.

Beware of Spyware

As time has gone by, increasingly more folks are conscious of what spyware is. While the amount of individuals out there who are alert of spyware almost certainly is not as high as those who know about anti-virus software, the disparity is definitely closing. Spy ware is an increasing difficulty which has been a key concern for the past few years. How do you get this stuff on your computer? What are a few of its characteristics, and what are a few of the factors which folks do not know very clearly about spy ware?

As indicated by the majority of individuals, spy ware is commonly deemed a type of malware that's put into somebody's personal computer without their consent or knowledge. As soon as the software has been put on somebody's computer, then the individual that planted it in their computer can do several things. One thing which can be accomplished is to look into and examine the user's computer behavior and habits. What possible benefit is this to the individual who plants the software on the computer of the unsuspecting user? One of these benefits is that the persons who installed the spyware use it to steal others' personal data, like bank and credit card records. The spies do that because they want the data so as to steal folks' money. In addition, certain criminals will take those details and sell it to third parties, who would like to steal access to that type of confidential information.

One more reason why individuals plant spyware in other people's computers is to trace where they go online. Obtaining those details can be useful to the spy and harmful to the individual that has had their data stolen. It is seriously important that you continually use and update your anti spy ware software so as to defend yourself. Not having and using this software may put your computer in a vulnerable condition. Spy ware can be so sneaky that you are probably not even aware that it's on your computer, and that makes it doubly important to use the proper tools in order to keep yourself safe.

How to Choose a Wireless Keyboard

Those of you who sit in front of a computer all day long whether for work or for pleasure understand who difficult it can be when chords get in the way. Between the mouse, keyboard, speaker, and power chords something has got to give. How many times have we tripped over them and sworn that we would clean them up?

The most efficient way to fix this problem is to use a wireless keyboard. These are becoming so normal to use that they can cost you as little as $50 when you purchase the right one. The trouble is which one do we choose?

Ergonomic Keyboard

This is a deal for people who have jobs that require them to write eight or more hours a day. Often times they way in which they write will cause their wrists and hands to hurt and could lead to carpel tunnel. The ergonomic keyboard is designed to support the wrist and make it level with your hands.

Long Range Keyboards

These keyboards are more for people who use computers for presentations or media purposes. It allows them to stand further back from the screen so others can see it without losing control of the program. These also have many features that we need on a keyboard including quick buttons for media players.

Bluetooth Keyboards

These are considered to be the most popular among them all. Bluetooth wireless keyboards are some of the best types because they are easier to connect to your computer. It uses programming that can offer you long range and other quick button features.

The Reason of YouTube's Popularity

Most of us agree that the internet is a great way of entertainment. It gives us anything we want within a matter of seconds. You want a car insurance quote? You Got it. You need tickets to the game? You got it. Anything and everything you could ever want with the flick of a switch. Who would've ever thought? I'm assuming 99% of the people reading this know the brand name "YouTube". Its become a huge hit at lightning speed. Why?

The reason YouTube is so popular is because it was the first recognized video site. Everybody loves video and it shows. You're able to record and upload your 10 minute video for the whole world to see. Everybody engages in it from the shady sales guy promising you thousands of dollars without lifting a finger, to the mom's video of her daughter's first birthday party to share with family. Its endless and entertaining. As a matter of fact major companies are starting to invest huge amounts of money producing YouTube commercials.

Its no secret the real power of YouTube is that's its free. You don't even have to register if you don't care about to uploading videos, rating or comment on videos that you watch. If you want to enjoy those features you have to sign up for a membership which is free. So in the long run it's a win, win situation for everyone. They say that YouTube is the second most searched engine, behind Google.

When it comes down to uploading your videos, YouTube makes it as easy as it gets. Even people who don't have the greatest computer skills can easily upload and share a video on YouTube. You simply record your video with a cell phone, or video camera. Then you load the software into the video editing software that most all computers come equipped with and you upload it to YouTube. You can upload as many videos as you want giving it even more appeal. Free entertainment on demand is what YouTube delivered and we embraced it with open arms.

Create Your Passwords in a Professional Manner

Creating quality passwords is easy if it is intentional. What I mean by that is that you have to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. You do not - repeat,
do not want to create a password that is easily discovered. If you do, you are asking for trouble. Also, a quality password is also a strong one, one in which there are capital letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols. Even if you have only one of each, that is much stronger and tamper proof than if you entered the name of your pet or your daughter.

Normally, companies such as banks require that you have at least numbers and letters in the actual password. While not the strongest, it is still stronger than just a name with a capital in the beginning.

In addition, a quality password is also one in which you can remember too. How many times have you chosen a password and forgotten what it was. So what do you do? You click the "forgot my password" or "forgot my username" link and the system automatically resends you the password or makes you click a link to change your password on its own site. I can't count the number of times that's happened to me.

So, when choosing a password, make it as random as possible but as memorable as possible. The more variety you have in the way of capitals, small letters, symbols, and number, the better your chances of never being found out. It's not a difficult task to choose quality passwords, but it is an intentional one.

Enhance Your Site

Are you ashamed of your web site ? Quite candidly most companies are ashamed of their web site or should be . Why ? If your web site does not do exactly what you set it up to do to a visitor looking in for the first time , it has failed. On the internet you rarely get another chance to make an impression;because there are millions of other web sites calling out to the same people that you are trying to reach. That is why my first advice to you is that "to bring life to your web site you must bring your web site to life"

Some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts may belabour you with the importance of having your web site ranked very high by Google and other search engines, especially through the clever manipulation of textual content. The fact however is that when the visitor comes to your web site and the content does not just deliver any useful message, you will be foolish to expect another visit. How then can you capture your site visitors and keep them coming back ? I will show you a few examples.

Colour scheme: Have you ever considered that your present colour scheme might just not be right for your business? Ironically a very dark background might not be quite right for an undertaker's business and be just perfect for an entertainment site. Or have you ever thought of a change in the colour scheme because you just don't feel right with what you have ? Forget what your web designer advises; the point of this is that if if you don't like your web site, chances are that very few of your customers will , because you are unlikely to take it seriously as a marketing tool. Or has your colour scheme begun to bore you ? If you've been staring at the same colour scheme for two years, chances are that it might be getting quite boring already. Put yourself in your visitors' shoes.

Content: You have probably heard the phrase "content is king"; and it is quite right. Cleverly written content brings the search engines running to your site; bringing new visitors with them. Marketing by web is all about show-business. Show them something interesting and and you get their business. Constantly changing content brings them back - if they like what they see. You can always enhance their experience with graphic and audio content. But even them a good show eventually begins to get boring. You really need to keep the content fresh, relevant and interesting . How can you do this?

Add a Blog: A blog is periodically posted information, dated in diary fashion, and which you feel might be of importance to your customers . For example, you can't go wrong by regularly publishing information such as how well your product or company is performing in the field; exciting ways to use your products, and new additions to your service that could potentially enliven customers' experience and purchase their loyalty.

Add a forum: A blog might not be quite right for some businesses. A forum gives a wider scope for interaction between your customers. A forum allows them to share their experience about your product , and it is a versatile tool of obtaining very important customer feedback which will enable you to deliver a better product or service . If you are for example selling a complex piece of equipment or software you could certainly benefit from a forum.

Add a Wiki: A wiki is collaborative content development between you and your visitors. It can quickly establish you as a de-facto expert and leader in your line of business and drive you to the top of the search engine list in no time at all. If for example, your company sells replica vintage car parts, imagine what it would do for your business if you added a wiki on vintage cars, inviting afficionados from all over the world to participate.

You may also wish to consider adding a database which will deliver dynamic content based on such factors as a customer's preferences or to advise on stock situation on a real-time basis. You may want to add a commerce interface where your customer can purchase immediately without needing to call you. All these are techniques which have proved very effective. However, improving your web site is not about general solutions. For each business and web site there is a specific fix and it may be quite wise to have a discussion with an expert first. The little that you may have to pay will often be offset by increased business.