How to Fix Windows Slow Startup

Many of us have noticed the "Windows Slow Startup" phenomenon. It just seems that the computer gets slower as time goes by, and the time it takes to start the computer becomes longer and longer. The usual advice for this is to upgrade the computer, but this can be fixed without a hardware upgrade.

All Windows computers slow down over time because of the Windows registry. The Windows registry is a system database that can grow into a huge size. It is where Windows and many applications store information, and more often than not, information that is stored there is not removed when they become obsolete or unneeded. This means that the registry bloats up in size and errors appear in it. This drags down the performance of Windows as a whole.

In order to fix the registry, there are 2 ways. The first way is to use a tool that is included with Windows, called "regedit". The usage of this tool requires in-depth technical knowledge, however, and any mistakes may lead to data corruption or Windows crashes.

The second method is preferred over the first. You can use a good registry cleaner software to automate this task. Because the registry can get really large in size, it is very convenient to use a registry cleaner to scan the entire registry automatically in search of errors, invalid entries and problematic areas, and then fix these for you. This results in an optimized system and Windows will start much faster. If you do this periodically, the performance boost can be maintained.

There are many such software available, but it can be risky to randomly choose one and use it. A badly written tool like this may introduce more problems instead, such as by removing perfectly valid and crucial data in the registry. Therefore it is important to use a good one to perform the job.

A good registry cleaner will help keep your Windows system in good shape and performing optimally. If you are unsure which registry cleaner to use, you can take a look at these reviews of registry cleaners.

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