Importance of Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

When it comes to computing and the internet it often feels like you need a degree to understand the language never mind get involved. However, once you grasp the basics of the words and terms used, things begin to fall into place.

In this respect, it is human nature that, when you create your own website, you get a little more confident, you want to make it just that little bit more attractive, flashy and inviting. Providing that is, you have not already lost interest and more often than not, your temper, abandoning all hope!

Most websites on the internet today contain several pages where you click on a certain place it automatically takes you to a different part of that page, a different page within the same website or a completely different website.

Hyperlinks and bookmarks are the words that you click on to take you elsewhere. As the website creator you have to create these before uploading your webpage onto the internet.

Once you have established the main content for your main webpage and subsequent pages, each one needs to be linked to all others. This is when you use hyperlinks. If you have a very long webpage and have titles for each section, you can use a bookmark to give your visitor an easier option to move directly to different sections by inserting this bookmark at specific titles which, when clicked, takes them instantly to that point.

When creating hyperlinks or bookmarks you need to type or select the appropriate text, tell the web publishing program what you want to make it into by clicking on hyperlink or bookmark. This brings up a menu asking what you want to link to whether it is a page or another word or section.

Hyperlinks can be one word or a few, frequently displayed as blue text and a blue underline which turns purple when you use them but return to the same place. Hyperlinks which are purple show you have already used them.

Bookmarks are certain areas of a page, normally a word or a few words where you click to take you to a different part of the same page, such as to a different subject or topic, saving you from physically moving down the page to find this information.

A combination of both hyperlinks and bookmarks will improve the appearance and performance of your website, promoting an up to date and sophisticated image to your visitors.

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