Bluetooth Mouse Features

Bluetooth is a great invention which totally helps the computer people in many ways. Basically it is an integrated system which communicates with Bluetooth of 1.2 wireless frequencies. It can operate a computer or a laptop using the Bluetooth rays. Soon as the mouse is operated, it sends commands to the concerned computer or laptop.

This device is very much suitable to all computers and laptops which have the Bluetooth feature in them. Bluetooth is a very good substitute for the touch pad in the laptops. And it is available in many models that fit your hands perfectly.

The First of all it is light in weight as it does not have a heavy ball inside it unlike the old ball mouse. It is very easy to handle and is very sensitive. Bluetooth does not disrupt the frequencies of other devices like your wi-fi or your cordless phone. It is definitely better than ordinary USB receiver mouse or any other of that kind.

It is much more sensitive and can be used around 10 meters from the computer or laptop. It can be moved to any place desired. One of the things to take care of about Bluetooth mouse is their batteries. But these batteries once fully charged stays up for about three months even when used very frequently.

You need not worry about entangled wires and worry about separating them each and every time you move your computer or laptop around. With these wireless Bluetooth there is freedom from wires.

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