Driver Backup - Easily Backup Your Windows Drivers

I was asked by a lot of people how to back up Windows drivers manually. Some people do the backup in case the drivers are damaged by virus or deleted by accident. Some people want to reinstall their systems without reinstalling them again, so they want to back up before reinstallation.

In fact, it is quite important to do backup, especially when your installation CD is lost and drivers are damaged. Now I will tell you guys how to do this by hand. It is very easy, if you follow the steps below:

1. Right Click My Computer and Choose Properties. System Properties Window will pop up.
2. Click Hardware tab. Then click on Device Manager. Device Manager will pop up and you will see a list of your computer device.
3. Open the device whose driver you want to back up. Normally you can see one or all components of the device under the device category. You need to find out all the drivers for the components.
4. Right click a component and choose Properties. The Properties window will pop up.
5. Click on Driver tab and then click Drivers Details. A new window will pop up and shows all the driver files.
6. Find a pen and write down all the files and their paths.
7. Repeat 4 to 6 until you complete all the components under a device. Do not miss a single file!
8. Create a folder and copy all the files which you have found to it.

The process may be a little different between Windows XP and Windows Vista. You need to repeat 3 to 7 to make driver backup for all the device. Please keep in mind that you need to collect all the files in the list. If you miss a single one, the backup drivers will be useless. So don't neglect any file!

When you do the backup manually by this way, you will find it could be very time wasting. It will take you a long time to complete all the work and it can be very risky if you forget a single file.

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