Windows XP Error Messages

Tell me if you have already experienced this. You buy a brand new computer, you have it installed and stand in awe at the speed at which your Windows is working. Then you start installing games and software. In just a few weeks your XP not only starts to slow down but you start seeing some strange and unknown error messages. It is all good if you did not have to restart your machine after them. Here I will give you the only two options that I have found to be well effective in dealing with this problem.

1. The first one and the least favorite - reinstall your Windows XP. This is by far the most effective way to get rid of the windows error messages XP presents. Let me tell you how the process works. If you are not a geek you most probably have only one partition on your hard drive (if you are like most people you probably do not know what a hard drive partition is). This means that all your information is gathered in one place and after a new XP installation guess what happens - you lose ALL of your data. While losing some mp3s or pictures might not be a real issue having important documents deleted might result in financial loss even.

2. The second option has been proven to be much quicker, safer and cost effective - get a PC diagnostic program, have your Windows XP scanned for errors and correct them. You see, most of the error messages you see are caused by internal system discrepancies and missing system files. Windows XP has a certain software architecture and if it is corrupted it starts to "panic" and gives you errors.

The best thing to do in this case if find a good piece of software that will scan your Windows for these discrepancies and suggest a course of action. Some quick tips while searching for it: it has to have a back up function, deep scan feature, it should be fast and most importantly user friendly (you do not need anything too geeky).

These are the two resolutions for the Windows error messages problem that I have found to work best. Believe, I have done the first one so many times that I can do it blind folded. Still it is a pain in the neck.

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