How Internet Changed the World

A global system of interconnected computer networks that generally uses a set of TCP/IP protocol suit for helping millions of users over the world in accessing the data through the servers is known as the Internet. This network of networks is made up of millions to billions of public, private, academic, business, and government networks. These networks are interconnected by the means of many technologies like copper wires, fiber-optic cables, wireless connections, and other technologies. The internet is a thing which if full of knowledge and information. It's not possible that you are having some doubt about a certain topic in your mind and internet could not solve them. The internet also carries a vast number of services related to it. A protocol is the main element without which the internet is a dumb box. Generally a protocol is termed as the set of instructions. The main HTTP is a hyper text transfer protocol is used for retrieving the interrelated links which are called hypertext documents this philosophy lead to the establishment of WWW (World Wide Web).

And a combination of http and www forms Electronic mails. And also it supports many worldwide popular services like online chat, file transfer, file sharing, gaming, commerce, advertisement, social networking and publishing, playing online videos, teleconferencing and also telecommunication at a very lost cost of money. The main protocol through which the person-to-person telecommunication and video conferencing is get possible is VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Originally the internet was originated in the year of 1960 when the USA funded research projects of its military agencies to build robust, fault-tolerant and distributed computer networks. And then this research and the US backbone National Science Foundation came together and at a worldwide level the development of the very new networking technology led to the development of an international network in the 1990's middle which is now a day's known as Internet. According to a survey till the year 2009 a quarter population of the complete earth uses this service and but obvious we are also included in them.

Nowadays, the internet is a network which is divided globally which consists of so many interconnected networks. To govern it no central body is needed. But to maintain all its operations and all the technical aspects, its core infrastructure and all the main the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers headquartered in Marina del Rey, California.

So it's not easy to maintain the combination of networks of the whole earth. Whatever we use on net we never think that how is that happening and all but at behind so many great procedures are going on just to connect the whole world in a single thing.

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