How to Restore System Settings Easily

Knowing how to restore computer settings is a GREAT ace to have up your sleeve. One minute your computer is working perfectly, doing everything a good computer should do. Next minute everything goes haywire - and all because you downloaded that stupid programme! If you could only go backwards. Well, the good news is - you CAN - once you know how to use this little known facility on Windows...

So what is it?

Windows has a facility called System Restore which works a lot like the Undo command in Microsoft Word. You can use it to remove any PROGRAMS or SOFTWARE installed or updated since the last time your computer was working correctly.

Even better, System Restore will NOT change or delete your personal data files (eg Microsoft Word documents, emails etc).

Here is how it works:

- Windows frequently records a snapshot of your computer - these snapshots are called restore points.
- You choose a restore point of the last time you know your computer was OK and it will be returned to it's previous state.

Let me tell you exactly what to do:

- Click Start
- Point to All Programs => Accessories => System Tools
- Click System Restore
- Select Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time
- Select a date on the calendar that you want your PC to restore to.

That's how to restore computer settings - and it IS quick and easy, isn't it. This simple skill can save you hours of frustration. No need to tear your hair out the next time you run into a problem!

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