Repairing Your iPod

You love your iPod, we all do, but what if something happens and your iPod breaks? Your first thought is "Oh my God, I cannot possibly live without my iPod!" Well that would be my first thought anyway.

Let's say the iPod fell from your pocket while you were jogging and broke into a thousand little pieces; no brainer, time to get a new iPod. Let's say your iPod just started acting strange and stopped working, or it fell into the water but you got it out quickly so it couldn't possibly have gotten all that wet. And, of course, this all happens after the warranty on the iPod ends.

Just in case you perchance damage your iPod shortly after you purchase it, Apple provides free one year from date of purchase warranty on iPods. The warranty does not include damages caused by accident, liquid damage, disassembly or unauthorized service or modifications. So basically only if your iPod stops working for some unknown reason is it covered by Apple. They also offer, for an additional fee, and extended warranty plan that extends to two years from the date of purchase.

Great, but my iPod is beyond the warranty or extended warranty date, or is damaged by a means that makes it exempt from the warranty. So, what to do? I would be thinking it might be worth looking into getting my broken iPod repaired rather than heading out and buying a new one. As we all know, we love them but they are not cheap.

A quick Google search will find several websites saying they will gladly fix your broken iPod for you. Okay, let's think about this what is the actually damage to the iPod and is it worth buying a new Ipod or getting the broken iPod repaired?

You dropped the iPod and the screen is cracked. You find a website where a company says they can replace your screen. Okay, this is worth looking into; it's got to be cheaper than replacing the iPod. Your iPod battery is going running out of juice faster and faster. Makes sense that you would need a new battery. Okay, this is worth looking into; again, it should be cheaper than replacing the iPod.

If you are only getting sound from one ear bud, it might be a broken headphone jack. Again, makes sense it would be cheaper to replace a headphone jack than replacing the iPod.

Your iPod totally died! It did not fall in the water. It did not hit the floor. But it is dead, not a good sign. It could be that the hard drive died, and it might just be time to bury it and go to the store for a new one. But some people don't give up all that easily. If you need a diagnosis of death, or an autopsy to find out why your iPod died, or are perhaps interested in learning whether a transplant that would bring your iPod back to life, there are websites that say they can perform these services for you.

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..Take care of your iPods ^_^

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