Removing the Duplicate Files from Your Computer

Have you been bothered that your disk space is taken up by a large number of big useless and duplicate files after using the computer for a period of time? Removing such files is the good method to free up disk space, and have you ever tried to delete them manually? But sometimes it is headache which files should be removed.

It is known to all that such files are nothing but slow down your computer speed, take up disk space and do harm to computer. And, there is still something you should know.

Usually, you should form a habit to clean up the hard disk and categorize the downloaded or copied files regularly and carefully. It is important for you to remove the repeating files. For those useless files, you can delete or put them into a specialized catalog. By doing this, you can find them at any time and save the disk space as well.

But if you want to try to delete them manually, you can enter into "Tool" to choose "Option" > "Normal" tab, then tick "Import Delete Duplicate Files Automatically", what is more, you can set to exclude the repeating pictures. It is a good way to delete those duplicate files.

Even though, you had better be careful to remove the duplicate files. When finding them and before making any decision, it is safer to change the name of the folders, and then to see whether the system is running normally or not. And then, you can remove the repeating files.

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