Speed Up Your Computer

Disk Cleanup

"It removes a variety of unnecessary files depending on the options you have selected"

- Go to "my computer" under the start menu.
- Right click on your "c drive" or "hard disk" and choose properties.
- Click "disk cleanup" and follow the prompts and select files to clean up or delete.
- Just check the box next to the group name to select the file group.
- When you finish press "OK".


- Go to "all programs" under the start button.
- select "accessories" and "system tools" and you will see "disk defragmenter."
- If you need to defragment your computer, simply hit the defragment button.

It could take from about 15-30 minutes or more depending on the speed of your computer. However, you can still use the computer while the disk defragmenter is working.

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